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    Study finds declining use of sunscreen by Teenagers

    A Dermatology study has reported more than a 10% decline in sunscreen use by US high school students over a 10 year period. Researchers found that in 2001, 67.7% of high school students surveyed reported using sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher when outside for periods of one hour or more. This declined to 56.1% of high school students when surveyed in 2011.

    The study also found that over the same period there was no decline in use of indoor tanning devices. The use of indoor tanning devices such as sunlamps, sunbeds or tanning booths was highest amongst white females wtih 37.4% use in 2009 and 29.3% usein 2011.

    Dermatologists at The London Skin and Hair Clinic support the studies findings. “Malignant melanoma is the fifth most common form of cancer in the UK. Clearly we need to do more to educate younger people about the importance of sun protection”

    Sunscreen use in US study
    Sunscreen use amongst US high school students, 2001–2011.

    The study is reported in the August 21 2014 issue of the journal Preventing Chronic Disease.

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