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    Dermatology skincare for Skin with Tattoo

    The American Academy of Dermatology has provided some good skincare advice about caring for skin when you have a tattoo.

    1. If your tattooed skin feels dry, apply a water-based lotion or cream to the tattoo, as petroleum-based products like Vaseline can cause the ink to fade.

    2. Protect your tattoo from the sun as exposure to UV light can fade some inks and increase your risk for getting skin cancer.

    3. Stay out of tanning beds and away from sunlamps as these devices may fade the ink and increase your risk of skin cancer. In some people, the UV light may also react with the tattoo ink, causing a painful skin reaction.

    4. See a Dermatologist if you have a skin reaction or if your tattooed skin is changing in any way

    5. When considering a new tattoo, consider getting it on skin that is free of moles as a tattoo can make it more difficult to see the earliest signs of skin cancer

    More information can be found on the Academy of Dermatology website.

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