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    Why Should You Wash Your Hair?

    Without frequent shampooing, hair can become dull, smelly, and a whole lot worse. We spoke to our trichologist, Ms Stephanie Sey, who shares some expert tips on the importance of washing your hair…

    Hair washing is an essential part of your hair maintenance routine.

    When you wash your hair, you remove the dead skin cells, old sebum, atmospheric dirt and smog which have accumulated on your scalp.

    Another factor that affects the rate a person washes their hair is when they see their hair is shedding a lot more than usual. So, they don’t want to wash their hair for fear of losing more hair. The issue with this is, as well as losing hair, the scalp becomes irritated and inflamed because it’s not being kept clean, thus causing a secondary issue.

    How frequently you wash your hair is a matter of individual preference. At the very least, you should be washing your hair at least once a week. While some may benefit from washing their hair every few days, others with very greasy strands will benefit from regular suds sessions. In any case, you know your hair best so it’s inevitably up to you how often you should be getting your shampoo on.

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