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    Rosacea caused half by genetics, and half by lifestyle, study finds

    New research suggests that the cause of rosacea is half environmental and half genetic. Researchers found that genetics appeared to contribute to 46 percent of rosacea risk. The rest of the observed risk was attributed to greater lifetime sun exposure (UV radiation), older age, a higher body mass index (an indicator of obesity), smoking, drinking, heart disease and/or skin cancer.

    The researchers advise that if you have signs of rosacea or a family history then consider moderating UV exposure, alcohol, and foods that might cause flushing.

    Rosacea is a chronic condition characterized by facial redness and flushing of the face but it can also affect the nose and chin. It is an inflammatory dermatitis. The Dermatologists at The London Skin and Hair Clinic can advise on how best to treat and manage rosacea. You can find out more information about rosacea here.

    Full details of the study can be found in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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