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Welcome Trichologist Stephanie Sey

Trichologist Stephanie Sey

We have a brand-new new starter this month at The London Skin and Hair Clinic. We’re excited to introduce our new Trichologist Stephanie Sey, who started with us last week.

Below, Stephanie’s taken the time to answer some questions we asked her all about trichology, common hair problems as well as Stephanie’s own haircare regime.

You can book appointments with Stephanie by visiting our website, emailing or calling us on 020 7183 4565. You can read Stephanie’s profile on our website.

What is a Trichologist?

Trichology is the study of the science, structure, function and diseases of the human hair and a Trichologist is a specialist in all matters pertaining to scalp and hair health. Trichologists take a holistic approach when diagnosing a hair or scalp conditions, as well as the presenting signs and symptoms, a patient’s lifestyle, diet and styling habits will be taken into account.

Why See a Trichologist?

Hair can be a barometer for your general health, there are conditions that can be picked up through its manifestation on the hair or scalp. Additionally, by seeing a Trichologist a treatment plan can be put in place to either halt or control the loss of hair.

How Long Have You Worked as a Trichologist?

I trained for two years and have worked as a Trichologist for three years.

Are Trichologists and Dermatologists Different?

Yes, Dermatologists are medically qualified and Trichologists are medically trained. The distinction is important because there are certain procedures and treatments that only Dermatologists can carry out.

What Are the Common Hair Problems and What are Their Causes?

A common hair problem is alopecia areata; it’s an autoimmune condition whereby the white blood cells attack the hair follicle as though it is a foreign body.

Do you Treat all Hair Types?

Yes, I do.

How Important is Our Diet in Growing Healthy Hair?

I always say to people that diet is one of the keys to growing healthy hair. The hair is usually the last in the queue to get its share of nutrients. So, eating a healthy balanced diet and drinking plenty of water will definitely put you in good stead of growing a healthy head of hair.

How Does Someone Become a ‘Qualified Trichologist’?

You can study with a number of bodies, however I studied with the Institute of Trichologists because of the high standards of education, clinical training day and strict code of ethics.

Can Trichologists Treat ‘Alopecia’?

Alopecia means hair loss, and yes, Trichologists can treat a number of different types of hair loss.

Any Other Hair Care Tips?

Condition, condition, condition. As the hair becomes older and more weathered it needs more help to maintain it lustre and shine. This is especially true of chemically treated hair.

What’s Your Hair Care Regime?

My hair care regimen is very simple.

I wash my hair weekly, with either a moisturising sulphate free shampoo or rhassoul clay. After that I deep condition with heat and rinse. Before styling my hair, I use a leave in conditioner and grapeseed oil. Mid-week, I will remoisturise using a water and glycerine spritz, oil and put my hair out of my way again.

At regular intervals I twist my hair and with that the care is pretty much the same except I wash and condition once a week (with the twists still in) and I spritz my hair and scalp with water and glycerine whenever it feels dry.

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