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    Why your hair may be falling out?

    Dermatologist Dr Nicola Clayton talks to Huffington Post about Why Is My Hair Falling Out? Causes And Treatment For Female Hair Loss Explained.

    “It’s usual for women to experience some hair loss each day”, according to Dermatologist Dr Nicola Clayton, “but this can increase during autumn – most commonly between September and November.” “The reason being that hair follicles frequently enter their resting (telogen) phase mid-summer,” she says.

    “The average amount of hair loss is estimated to be 100 hairs per day, regardless of hair type,” according to Dr Clayton. “This will look different for different women: a woman with long, thick, or coarse hair may see this as a clump, whereas someone with shorter, thinner, straight hair will have smaller mound.”

    “Other causes include nutritional deficiencies such as vitamin D, thyroid gland abnormalities, stress, crash dieting and other acute episodes of ill health,” explains Dr Clayton.

    Dyeing hair, swimming regularly in chlorinated water and applying heat or chemical relaxant treatments can damage the hair leading to breakage. This may contribute to hair feeling thinner, but Dr Clayton says this hair loss is not coming from the root and is not health-related.

    If you’re looking for quick practical tips for seasonal hair loss, Dr Clayton recommends being mindful of overall environmental damage. “When the hair is dry [and prone to breaking] I recommend leaving a conditioner in overnight and washing out the following morning, which can be repeated as required,” she advises.

    For chronic telogen effluvium, when no exact cause is identified, Dr Clayton recommends trying Viviscal hair growing supplements and treatments, which are available from most major pharmacies.

    You can read the full article featuring Dr Nicola Clayton in Huggington Post, 8th November 2018 or here.


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