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Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014 – The London Skin and Hair Clinic

The Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) is an independent non-ministerial department, based in London, but with representatives in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The CMA works to promote competition for the benefit of consumers, both within and outside the UK. Their aim is to make markets work well for consumers, businesses and the economy.

An investigation by the CMA found that the information available to people considering private healthcare was inadequate. It found that patients did not have sufficient information available to understand and compare their options to help them make informed choices of care provider. In response, the CMA published the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014.

The Order imposed an enforceable duty on hospitals to supply data to an Information Organisation for private healthcare. In December 2014 PHIN was approved as the Information Organisation.

Reporting of Data

As The London Skin and Hair Clinic is an outpatient facility, and does not offer day patient or overnight services, it is currently exempt from the Order. However, although the London Skin and Hair Clinic is not currently covered by the Order, our clinic does collect the following data:

  • Patient admissions data
  • Adverse events
  • Patient feedback and experience
  • Measures of improvement in health outcomes

Written Confirmation of Fees

The London Skin and Hair Clinic aims to be transparent with its pricing and to ensure that patients are aware of prices prior to them being incurred, for consultations, treatment and diagnostic tests. Our full fee schedule is available online here, and is on display in our clinic waiting room.

From January 2018 all consultants are required to send written fee information to patients prior to outpatient consultations. The London Skin and Hair Clinic emails all patients written fee information at the time of booking an appointment, and again 24 hours before their appointment.

Disclosure of Financial Interests

Consultants are legally obliged to inform patients where they have a financial interest in a Hospital or clinic that they see and treat patients at. Employees and Consultants with a financial interest in London Skin and Hair Clinic Ltd are:

  • Dr Martin Wade, Consultant Dermatologist (Company Director)
  • Mr Bruno Ballardin, Practice Manager (Company Director)

Private Healthcare Information Network

You can compare independent information about the quality of private treatment offered at Hospitals which are currently required to provide data to the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) on their website.

Registered Office

London Skin and Hair Clinic Ltd is a Private Limited Company registered in England and Wales No. 06962164  whose registered office is at 233 High Holborn, London, England, WC1V 7DN . Telephone: 020 7183 4565  Fax: 020 7183 4566.

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