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Fee Guide

Our Dermatologist cost and fee guide provides you with details on the costs of seeing a private Dermatologist. Consultation costs cover the appointment costs for new or follow-up consultations. Diagnostic test costs cover the charges for blood-tests, skin swabs and scrapings, allergy testing and pathology charges from surgery. Treatment costs including the costs of injections, cryotherapy (freezing with liquid nitrogen), outpatient surgery such as biopsy and removal of malignant lesions. We are happy to provide a more precise fee quote prior to your appointment or procedure

Dermatologist appointments

New patient consultation - skin condition£240
New patient consultation - hair or scalp condition£300
Follow-up consultation£190


Blood testsFrom £50
Fungal or bacterial swab (per swab)£60
Skin scraping (per sample)£60
Viral swab (per swab)From £90
Pregnancy test (urine)£10
HistopathologyFrom £250
Histopathology (alopecia protocol)From £350
Allergy patch testingFrom £500


Intralesional triamcinalone (steroid) injectionsFrom £160-230
Cryotherapy (freezing) – up to 3 lesionsFrom £180
Cryotherapy (freezing) – 4 or more lesionsFrom £300
Skin biopsyFrom £650
Scalp biopsy (with IMF)From £855
Skin surgery / excision of lesion / cautery and curettageFrom £700
Skin surgery of malignant lesion / BCC (primary or secondary)From £900
Complex surgeryFrom £1100
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) – up to 3 lesions (per session)From £650
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) – 4 or more lesions / field treatmentFrom £800
Botulinum injections for hyperhidrosis (armpits, palms or feet)£650 - 100 units
Kleresca Acne Treatment£2500 for a course of 12 treatments over 6 weeks (excludes Dermatology consultations).
Not covered by private health insurance.

Other Services

Prof Jemima Mellerio EB/complex skin new patient consultation (double appointment)£400
Prof Jemima Mellerio EB/complex skin follow-up patient consultation (double appointment)£300
Digital scalp medical photography (set of photographs)£30
DCP (Diphenylcyclopropenone) for scalp sensitisation£150 per solution
Repeat prescription (2 business day and posted)£15
Repeat prescription (collect same day or fax to pharmacy)£30

Trichology, Hair and Scalp Treatments

Steroid injections for alopecia areata (Dermatologist)£230
Steroid injections for alopecia areata (Nurse)£160
Scalp treatments (itchy scaly scalp) initial treatment (75 minutes)£130
Scalp treatments - maintenance treatment (60 minutes)£75
PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) treatment - one session£425
PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) treatment - three sessions£1,125
Digital scalp medical photography (set of photographs)£30

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Procedures

Dermatologist consultation£240
Medical Aesthetician consultation£30
Keloid scar (steroid) injections£160
Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP) ElectrolysisFrom £250
Cryotherapy (freezing) – up to 3 lesions£180
Cryotherapy (freezing) – 4 or more lesionsFrom £300
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) – 4 or more lesions / field treatmentFrom £800
Botulinum injections (Botox©)From £240 for one area

You can find our full fees for laser and cosmetic dermatology at our London Real Skin site here.


  1. As we are a private clinic we charge for every appointment (including follow-up appointments) and each procedure so that we can continue offering the high level of service, facilities and expertise we are known for
  2. The clinic and Dermatologists are all ‘fee-assured’, we bill within the published fee schedule of all UK health insurers. However your insurer may not cover our charges in full and patients are liable for any charges not covered. We ask patients to confirm with their private health insurer prior that they will be covered prior to each appointment and prior to any diagnostic tests (including swabs and blood tests), and treatment (including injections, cryotherapy and biopsies).
  3. Private health insured patients are responsible for ensuring that their insurer covers the full costs of their appointments, tests and procedures and are responsible for any excess, copayment or amounts which their insurer will not cover.
  4. All patients who have BUPA healthcare insurance and who attend for a hair-loss or scalp condition appointment will be responsible for paying a £20 charge for digital scalp clinical photography (stereotactic device) which is not covered by BUPA.
  5. Health insurers do not cover appointments or procedures for cosmetic conditions, cosmetic or aesthetic treatments, medications or prescription items, or charges for issuing repeat prescriptions.
  6. We are unable to bill insurers for laser consultations, laser treatments, aesthetic treatments, hyperhidrosis treatment (Botox injections), surgical procedures for non-medical reasons (such as removing a mole for cosmetic reasons), hair consultations for androgenetic alopecia (male-pattern balding or female patterned hair loss), PRP treatment for the scalp (hair loss) or face (rejuvenation), for Kleresca treatments for acne, rosacea or rejuvenation, for trichology (hair loss) consultations or reviews or scalp treatments, or for products purchased at the clinic.
  7. We will charge a £25 non-attendance fee for patients who do not give the required 24 hours notice for not attending an appointment, or rescheduling an appointment.
  8. Where charges are not settled on the day we do levy a £10 processing fee per appointment.

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