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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I have private health insurance. Do you bill them directly or do I have to pay upfront?

    If your have a valid membership number and authorisation code from one of our approved private health insurers then we can bill them directly for medical consultations and treatment. If you do not have a valid authorisation code on the at of your appointment you will need to pay on the day and we will provide you with an invoice to submit to your insurer. You should contact your insurer for approval prior to every appointment, treatment (including injections and cryotherapy) and test (including blood tests). Insured patients can find full details here. We are not able to bill insurers for laser consultation and treatment, cosmetic treatments or products.

    What happens during a Dermatology consultation?

    The Dermatologist may review your medical history, ask a series of questions and examine you. It may be necessary to run additional tests such as skin swabs, blood tests or a skin biopsy. You can find out more about what happen during an appointment here.

    How quickly can I get an appointment?

    We offer appointments Monday through Saturday including lunchtime and evening appointments. In general we can book you an appointment within a day. If you wish to see a specific Dermatologist it may take longer to book an appointment.

    Do I need a referral to be seen at your clinic?

    You do not need a referral to book an appointment at our clinic. If you have private health insurance, many health insurers require a referral in order for them to cover the fees so you should check with your health insurer on their requirements. If your GP has written a referral for you, please bring it along as it may have useful information for the Dermatologist.

    Can I get the medication you prescribe from my GP or on the NHS?

    Our Dermatologists are happy to work closely with your GP or other specialists you may be seeing. They would be happy to write to your GP to ask if they would prescribe the medication through the NHS. However, some medication can only be prescribed by a Dermatologist and not a GP. It is at your GPs discretion whether they will prescribe and they will have a trust prescribing policy and budgetary constraints they need to work within.

    What conditions do you treat at your clinic?

    Our Dermatologists diagnose and treat conditions affecting skin, hair, scalp, genitals, nails, lips – anywhere on the surface of the body. You can find information on many of the conditions that they treat here. If your condition is not listed please email or call us and we can advise if it is something they can help with.

    Can I have a procedure on the day of my consultation?

    If you think you’ll need a procedure do let us know when booking the appointment and we’ll do our best to set aside enough time. If you have private health insurance, your insurer may not approve a procedure on the same day as they may require a medical report following a consultation or to be contacted following a consultation to give their approval.

    Can I get a repeat prescription?

    If you require a repeat prescription you will need a follow-up consultation with your Dermatologist. They will check on how you are responding to treatment, and advise if the medication is still suitable, or if there should be any changes in your treatment plan. Some specialist medication can only be prescribed if blood tests are performed first. If you are on a long term medication your Dermatologist will advise if they can issue a repeat prescription without an appointment, and note that in your medical report. You will need to be seen at least once every 12 months for an appointment, in order to recieve a repeat prescription as part of the Duty of Care for our Dermatologists. Not all medication can have a repeat prescription issued for it without you being seen either in clinic or by remote video. You can check our charges for repeat prescriptions on our fee page here.

    How much does it cost to see a Dermatologist?

    Our consultation charges are £260 for a new skin condition, £330 for a new hair or scalp condition, and £200 for a follow-up appointment. Consultations for specialised conditions may cost more. If tests such as skin scrapings, swabs, blood tests or biopsies are required there are additional charges. Procedures such as cryotherapy, injections or surgery have additional charges. Any medication prescribed is on a private prescription and your pharmacy will charge the full price, not the NHS price for the prescription. You can see our full fees here.

    How long do consultations last for?

    We set aside around 20-30 minutes for each appointment. If you have a number of conditions to be treated, or are bringing more than one patient to the appointment then please let us know in advance so we can set aside enough time.

    Do you offer NHS appointments?

    We are a private medical Dermatology clinic and so are not associated with the NHS or offering NHS appointments. If you are looking for an NHS appointment you should speak with your GP to request to see a Dermatologist at your local NHS hospital. This is at the discretion of your GP.

    What is a Dermatologist?

    A Dermatologist is a medical practitioner (Doctor) who has studied general medicine and then gained further experience in dermatology. That is conditions affecting the skin, scalp, hair, genitals, nails, lips – anywhere on the surface of the body. Some Dermatologists will then specialise even further in areas such as hair-loss and scalp conditions, allergies, paediatric dermatology or surgical dermatology. A Dermatologist needs to be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) on their specialist register for Dermatology.

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