DCP Treatment for Alopecia Areata

The London Skin and Hair Clinic is one of the few clinics in London offering a DCP (Diphencyprone) service for sensitizing and treating the scalp for alopecia areata. The Dermatologist will sensitive your scalp and provide you with a starter pack of different strengths of DCP and instructions to help you find your suitable treatment strength.

The London Skin and Hair Clinics is one of the few clinics in London offering a DCP service for alopecia areata

We can provide DCP for patients who already know their strength and have had treatment before, or assist patients in finding their suitable strength

Treatment may need to be repeated in the future

DCP treatment for alopecia areata has been found to be good to excellent in over 50% of patients

What is DCP Treatment?

Diphencyprone (DCP) is used as a treatment for alopecia areata to stimulate the body’s immune system in the skin surface. The treatment diverts the immune system away from the hair follicle to the skin surface by creating an allergic reaction on the skin, allowing the hair follicle to recover and start to grow hair again.

At a Glance

  • Guide Price: DCP starter pack of £220 to determine suitable sensitivity, and then £80 to £120 per bottle of DCP. Consultation with Dermatologist to sensitize the scalp £360
  • Frequency: Area treated for minimum of 6 months, and up to 12 months
  • Risk: Localised dermatitis
  • Aftercare: Minimal

What is involved in DCP for hair loss?

DCP treatment also known as contact immunotherapy uses an irritant chemical to sensitive the scalp, and to then apply the irritant to the scalp to encourage an allergic reaction. Our Dermatologist will sensitize the scalp with a 2% solution. After 2-4 days you will develop a small patch of allergic eczema at the site of application. Once the eczema is developed, you have been sensitized and your immune system primed. You are provided with a starter kit of different dilutions of solution and you then apply the solutions, at increasing percentages, to find the solution which generates a mild irritation on your scalp that lasts a few days. Once you’ve found the right strength solution for you, you apply the treatment at home on a weekly basis.

What are the risks or potential side effects?

Diphenylcyclopropenone is made up in acetone. It should be stored in a dark glass bottle in a cupboard away from sunlight and kept secure from access by children. The compounded preparation has a shelf-life of around 6 months.

Great care should be taken to avoid diphenylcyclopropenone touching other areas of the body. Gloves should be worn by the patient and those assisting them for each application. There is a risk that the patient or their family may also become sensitised and develop dermatitis if care is not taken.

What aftercare is required?

Our Dermatologist provides you with training on how to apply the solution to find your correct strength. We normally recommend a review after 3 months and then again after 6 months.

What is the cost?

Patients required a new patient consultation with Dr Martin Wade, a Dermatologist who specialists in hair loss and scalp conditions. Dr Wade will sensitive the scalp as part of the consultation. A starter pack of DCP solutions is currently available at our clinic for £220, and then ongoing solutions are available from £80 to £120 per bottle depending on the strength.

Is there any preparation needed?

A consultation is required with Dr Martin Wade in order to confirm the diagnosis of alopecia areata, and assess your suitability for treatment with DCP.

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