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    Acne Treatment

    A Dermatologist can prescribe a broader range of acne medication than a GP.


    What is a Acne Treatment

    There are many options for treating acne but typically it involves prescription oral and / or topical medication.

    What is involved in a Acne Treatment

    Treatments include specialized face washes, gels and creams (many of which require a prescription), systemic treatment (tablets) including antibiotics, hormonal treatment and Roaccutane® (which can only be prescribed by a Dermatologist). Lasers and light therapy are some of the newer treatments for acne, but these often prove to be an expensive way to gain temporary results…

    What are the risks or potential side effects of a Acne Treatment

    The Dermatologists will take you through the risks and side-effects and the sort of results you should expect.

    What aftercare is required for a Acne Treatment

    Patients on acne treatment should tend to avoid exposure to the sun. Bland cleansers and moisturisers should be used.

    What is the cost of a Acne Treatment

    A consultation is required. For some types of acne treatments blood tests may be required before commencing and once into treatment. The cost of the acne medication depends on the pharmacy but ranges from £5-60 per month. You can find our fees here.

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