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Dr Nicola Smith - Sexual Health Consultant


Dr Nicola Smith MBBS MRCP BSc DFFP is a Sexual Health Consultant  and an expert in sexual health, sexually transmitted infections and genital dermatology. Dr Smiths clinical expertise includes penile dermatology and vulval dermatology and all aspects of sexually acquired infections. Her special interests include vulval problems such as chronic itch, pain during sex, chronic discharge, genital skin diseases such as lichen sclerosus, HPV related vulval diseases, genital warts, VIN and recurrent herpes. Dr Nicola Smith has a strong belief in holistic healthcare and patient empowerment.

Dr Nicola Smith is the lead Consultant for vulval and penile dermatology at Kent and Canterbury Hospital. She has published research papers on all aspects of sexual health including the medical management of vulval pre-cancer. Her research has taken her to Europe, Africa and America where she has addressed international scientific meetings.

Why you should see Dr Nicola Smith

Doctor Nicola Smith provides expertise in all aspects of sexual health. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of vulval and penile diseases, all sexual infections, rashes, discharge, itching, warts, HPV related diseases, herpes, exzema, psoroiasis, lichen sclerosus and lichen planus, VIN, PIN and pre-cancer.

Dr Nicola Smith can take a biopsy in clinic if needed, with the minimum of discomfort. Other procedures include cryotherapy and cervical cytology with HPV testing (previously known as the smear test). Comprehensive testing for sexual infections includes items not routinely available in the NHS.

Dr Nicola Smith is an expert in treating patients who experience pain during sex – known as dyspaerunia, this is very common and responds well to expert management.

Dr Nicola Smith has an interest in recurrent candidiasis and will make a thorough assessment of women diagnosed with chronic candida.

Recurrent herpes can be very distressing. Dr Nicola Smith provides expert care for men and women, including suppressive therapy and testing of partners for immunity.

Dr Nicola Smith provides testing for blood borne viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, with rapid turnaround of results.

Dr Smith can provide contraception and menopause assessment and treatment.

Dr Nicola Smith has a strong belief in holistic healthcare and the concepts of sexual health and patient empowerment. Her approach is to give patients as much information as they want and to guide them to the correct treatment, which is individualised for every patient. With years of experience in this intimate and sensitive area, she employs tact and understanding within a confidential consultation.

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