GP Education

GP Education

We are delighted to offer the following resources to GPs and Specialists to further educate them on Dermatology

Attend GP Dermatology Education Sessions

Our Dermatologists share their expertise through education sessions which are aimed at GPs interested in Dermatology but open to all medical specialists. Please call 020 7183 4565 or email to reserve your free place.

Browse through information on Dermatology conditions

Through this website we provide comprehensive information about dermatology conditions affecting skin, hair, scalp, nails and genitals with links to further information including supporting charities, professional bodies and images.

Click here for list of Dermatology conditions

Visit our clinic or speak to one of our Dermatologists

We welcome clinic visits from any GP interested in Dermatology and other specialists. Please call 020 7183 4565 or email and we would be delighted to schedule a clinic tour and meeting for you. Alternatively ifyou prefer we can organise a phone call with one of our Dermatologists.

Click here to read the profiles on our Dermatologists

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