Male Pattern Balding

Patients suffering from male pattern balding can access our hair loss expertise through a consultation with one of our experienced Dermatology Assistant Practitioners. They will examine your scalp and take a full set of clinical photographs in order to monitor progress

Effective treatment for male pattern balding exists and the key is to start treatment early

Our laboratory formulates topical minoxidil from 5% to 10%, and with additives including finasteride

Dermatologist led hair-loss clinic

Clinical photography aids in monitoring progress and treatment results

What is Male Pattern Balding Treatment?

We offer evidence based clinically proven treatments for men suffering with male pattern balding (androgenetic alopecia) within a medical Dermatology clinic, at a cost effective price, without hype or pressure.

At a Glance

  • Guide Price: £150 for a new consultation and £80 for a follow-up consultation, with one of our Dermatology Assistant Practitioners
  • Frequency: Once every six months, then once every 12 months
  • Risk: The risks and side effects of any treatments will be discussed at your appointment
  • Aftercare: A customized treatment plan will be provided as part of your appointment

What is involved in the treatment?

Your consultations will be with one of our experienced Dermatology Assistants, following the protocols and diagnosis and treatment programs developed by our Medical Director Dr Martin Wade, a Dermatologist who specialises in hair loss and scalp conditions. Using clinical photography and proven methodologies, you will receive a personal treatment program based on evidence based clinically proven treatments. Our onsite Dispensary can provide topical and oral treatments at a cost effective price, for products that contain evidence based formulations without the expensive additives that provide no value.

What are the risks and side effects?

Your Dermatologist Assistant will outline the risks and side effects associated with the clinically proven topical and oral treatments available for male pattern balding, to ensure you are fully informed and aware of the potential risks and side effects. In the event that you experience acceleration or change in your hair-loss we will recommend a referral to one of our specialist hair loss Dermatologists or a Dermatologist of your choice.

What aftercare is required?

We recommend that you have a follow-up consultation 6 months after your initial consultation, and that you then return on an annual basis, for repeat photographs and assessment.

What is the cost?

£150 for a new consultation and £80 for a follow-up consultation, with one of our Dermatology Assistant Practitioners. Medications are available through our onsite dispensary at competitive prices.

Is there any preparation needed?

We ask that you come to your appointment with your standard hair-cut (don’t get a hair cut the day before) and that your scalp is clean and without hair care products. We welcome you to bring along your current hair care products and medications for our Dermatology Assistant to review.

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