Our Vision, Mission and Values

The London Skin and Hair Clinic – Trusted Dermatology Healthcare

Our Mission

To provide personalised ethical and safe evidence-based care to address your skin and hair health concerns, underpinned by the highest standards of clinical excellence and delivered by passionate healthcare professionals.

 Our Vision

To be the Dermatology clinic of choice for referrals and personal recommendations where we provide a high quality, consistent level of service, and we ensure that every patient has access to all of our expertise and services so that they may have the best results for their skin and hair needs.

 Our Values

Professional: We are knowledgeable and experienced and show insight, understanding and good judgment throughout your journey.

Ethical: The freedom to provide patient care according to strict ethical, regulatory, legal and CQC standards. Providing safe and trustworthy service recommendations and care.

Collaborative: We work together as a team with our patients, partners, referrers and colleagues to achieve the best outcomes for all.

Openness: We are clear in everything we do and how we do it.  We are free from complexity and complication.  We are friendly, approachable and easy to do business with. We may not always get things right, we hold our hands up, say sorry and learn from our mistakes.

Empathetic: We are aware of those around us and always act with compassion. We treat people with kindness, respect and dignity.

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