Repeat Prescription Request

Repeat Prescription Request

Repeat prescriptions are available for existing current patients of the clinic where your Dermatologist has advised they will issue them and you have been seen within 12 months. Our Dermatologists will issue a repeat prescription when:

  • Your Dermatologist has advised they will issue a repeat prescription without a consultation
  • The patient has been seen for this condition within the last 12 months
  • The medication has already been prescribed before, it is not new or different medication
  • The medication is not subject to blood tests and monitoring, such as Isotretinoin (roaccutane) and biologics

The charges for a repeat prescription are £15 or for an urgent same day or faxed to a pharmacy prescription £30. Our Dermatologists will prescribe sufficient medication to take you up to the timing of your next review, or if not specified to take you up to 12 months from the last time you were seen for a consultation.

Our Dispensary is fully stocked with Dermatology medications and operates a price match guarantee with other pharmacies located within the M25 and so it is often quicker and more convenient for our Dispensary to provide you with the medication directly, rather than a paper prescription.

If you require a repeat prescription please complete the form below and our Dispensary team will follow up with you directly

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