Skin Biopsy

The aim of this procedure is to remove a small sample of skin to support a clinical evaluation. The tissue removed will then be sent to the laboratory to be analysed by a specialist Dermatology pathologist.

Assists in confirming medical diagnosis, or malignancy

In clinic procedure that takes around 30 minutes

Low risk and painless, done under local anaesthetic

Our surgical theatres are CQC registered and recognized by all health insurers

Skin Biopsy

A small sample of skin is surgically removed, using either a surgical punch, a scalpel for excision, or a specialist surgical tool. The sample is sent to a specialist Dermatology pathologist who will prepare the sample and then review it under a high powered microscope to confirm or dismiss the clinical assessment of the Dermatologist.

At a Glance

  • Guide Price: From £800.
  • Frequency: Single biopsy.
  • Risk: Bruising, bleeding, infection.
  • Aftercare: Do not wash the area for 48 hours. No exercise or swimming or saunas.

What is a Skin Biopsy?

The removal of a small sample of abnormal skin to support a clinical evaluation. The tissue removed is sent to a laboratory to be analysed.

What is involved in a Skin Biopsy?

Local anaesthetic is injected into the area to numb the involved skin and the Dermatologist removes a small sample of skin from the affected area using a precise surgical punch, scalpel, curette or blade, depending on the location and nature of the lesion.

The area is closed either by a few stitches, or by cauterizing with an electrical current or by applying a solution to the area.

What are the risks or potential side effects of a Skin Biopsy?

Bruising may occur. Whenever the skin is cut a scar will result.

What aftercare is required for a Skin Biopsy?

A dressing will be applied to keep in place for 24 to 48 hours. Heavy exercise and alcohol should be avoided. Normally patients can return to work following a procedure.

What is the cost of a Skin Biopsy?

The cost is based on the number of areas being biopsied and if any additional tests are required such as swabs or immunofluorescence, but typically ranges from £800-£1,085. For new patients, a consultation is required prior to the procedure. You can find our fees here.

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