Terms and Conditions

1. As a private clinic all appointments and treatments are chargeable including follow-up appointments. Our clinic fees are available here.

2. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment. This will give new patients time to complete the necessary registration form and medical history, and for existing patients gives sufficient time to make sure we hold correct details for you. In the event that you are late it may be necessary to book a new appointment so as to not inconvenience other patients. You can find copies of our registration forms here.

3. We require 24 hours notice for appointment changes or cancellations and levy a £25 fee if 24 hours notice is not provided.

4. Please refer to our fee schedule for our current consultation charges. In the event that blood tests, biopsies, allergy tests, bacterial or fungal swabs or skin scrapings are required these will have an additional charge. Minor procedures including steroid injections, cryotherapy (freezing), biopsies or removal of lesions will have an additional charge.

5. Appointments are for a single episode of care and individual patients. If you have multiple conditions or multiple people wishing to be seen then please make us aware at the time of booking so we can schedule sufficient time and we reserve the right to charge a consultation fee for each condition and for each individual.

6. If you have emailed or posted notes, queries, results or images, in advance of your appointment we will aim to load them to your patient file for the appointment, but it is not possible for our Doctors to review these prior to your appointment. Any documentation sent in advance will be reviewed during the consultation.

7. We request payment by credit or debit card (all cards except American Express) or cash on the day of your appointment unless your medical insurance will cover the episode of care, in which case please provide your membership number and preauthorisation number in advance of your appointment.

8. We charge a £10 administration fee per appointment where payment is not made on the day of the appointment.

9. If insured, please be aware that while we will bill your medical insurer directly, you will be responsible for any shortfall in the event that your insurer does not fully cover this episode of care.

10. We are not able to bill medical insurers for laser consultations or laser treatment or aesthetic/cosmetic treatments such as hyperhidrosis or rosacea treatment, and hair loss treatments such as PRP and scalp treatments.

The London Skin and Hair Clinic Patient Agreement

Patient Responsibility
When you are a patient of The London Skin and Hair Clinic it is your responsibility to:
1. Provide accurate and complete information about your past illnesses, hospitalisations, medications and other matters relating to your health and mental health
2. Tell your Doctor if you do not understand your treatment or what you are expected to do
3. Tell your Doctor if there is a change in your condition or if problems arise during your treatment
4. Follow the treatment plan recommended by your Doctor
5. Be courteous and considerate of other patients and of Clinic staff. Patients are expected to assist in maintaining a quiet environment and being respectful of clinic property
6. Arrive at least fifteen minutes before your appointment time to ensure that you are not late and subsequently impact the appointments of our other patients. If you are late for your appointment we can not guarantee that the Doctor will be able to see you and it may be necessary to book a new appointment
7. Provide us with at least 24 hours notice in the event you need to cancel or make a change to your appointment time. The clinic will charge £25 where 24 hours notice is not given to cancel or change appointment times.
8. Provide accurate information relating to insurance or other sources of payment.
9. Comply with the requests by your Doctor for review appointments within the time period specified

Where treatment advice and prescribed therapy has not been adhered to, and requests for follow-up have not been actioned by the patient, continuity of care will have been deemed not to have been given and therefore no responsibility will be taken by The London Skin and Hair Clinic.

Financial Policy
1. As a private clinic, not associated with the NHS, all appointments, services rendered and items supplied will be charged to the patient.
2. The London Skin and Hair Clinic is happy to provide a written quotation for all procedures which is valid for 3 months. A full skin examination and medical history is required before a safe treatment plan can be decided upon and for this reason we will not issue a quotation until the patient has been examined by one of our Doctors
3. Our payment terms are payment in full on the day.
4. Patients with medical insurance/third party sponsorship in respect of some or all of the services provided and items supplied are responsible for ensuring that they will be fully covered and in the event that their medical insurer/third party sponsor subsequently declines covering the charges in part or in full they accept that they will be invoiced for this sum and payment will be required within 30 days of invoicing.
5. We reserve the right to charge interest on late payment of invoices and collection charges should we require the services of a debt collection company or should we need to apply to the County Court to recover amounts owing.
6. Where an invoice is outstanding for greater than 60 days we reserve the right to use the services of a debt collection company, to provide them with the information required in order to perform their service, and we reserve the right to discharge the patient from the care of the clinic.

Patient Data Protection and Confidentiality

1. The London Skin and Hair Clinic will handle and store patient information, including clinical photographs, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Medical Council disclosure guidelines. Information is protected at all times against improper disclosure, staff are trained and understand their responsibilities and patient administrative information can be accessed separately from clinical information.
2. Our privacy notice sets out important details about information that The London Skin and Hair Clinic may collect and hold about you. You can read the privacy notice here.

Terms and Conditions of Use of The London Skin and Hair Clinic Website

By accessing or browsing this web site, you accept, without limitation or qualification, the following terms and conditions:

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The material in the website cannot and should not be used as a basis for diagnosis or choice of treatment.
The London Skin and Hair Clinic strongly advises all users with health problems to consult a doctor, who will be trained in observation and interpretation of symptoms and will be able to provide a proper diagnosis based on a knowledge and understanding of all aspects of your condition and your medical history.
The London Skin and Hair Clinic is not responsible for the content of any other web site, including any web sites linked to this web site.
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